MurAll Canvas

MurAll canvas is where all of the contributions (MurAll NFTs) are displayed on.


The dimensions of the canvas are 2048 x 1024 pixels (width x length).

Meaning that there are 2097152 pixels in a whole coverage.


The costs of drawing on MurAll are twofold:

  • Paint token - Each pixel in your NFT will burn 0.5 Paint tokens.
  • Gas fee - The larger the image, the more you will pay for gas

Given the total supply of PAINT and the burn rate of 0.5 Paint / pixel, this means that there can be a maximum of 21 000 whole coverages of the MurAll canvas.


Maximum of up to 256 distinct colors in each NFT.

MurAll uses RGB565, a 16-bit colour space which gives the best look while allowing for more pixels per transaction, as well as taking up less room on the blockchain. Each drawn image can have up to 256 distinct colours from the RGB565 spectrum. There is no set 256 colour palette, each artist can choose any 256 colours to use for each drawing.


You are able to freely choose the position of your contribution and the size (although it is limited by the block's gas limit and cost). The NFT minted will only include it's own image data and not the image data from the existing canvas.
However, the NFTs will be shown in the order they are minted, meaning later contributions to the canvas can cover up or extend any previous contributions.

alt text Example of a MurAll canvas

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