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Montage is a feature that enables you to package your individual on-chain MurAll NFT pieces into a single NFT image!


Due to the on-chain nature of MurAll NFTs, it creates a size limit to the images that can be fit into a single NFT. To overcome that people have minted larger works as a collection of NFTs, each containing a part of a larger image.

Montage is a way to combine these pieces again into a single image. Since the artwork of a Montage is not stored on chain, it does not have a size limit. However, it is still as reliable since it can always be regenerated from the on-chain image data of MurAll NFTs.


You can combine a maximum of 50 MurAll NFTs into a single Montage.

🔑 Unlockables 🔑

Montage has a special feature that becomes available after minting. You can attach a unlockable!

The unlockable is a link that only the current owner of the NFT can see and it can only be set by the creator when they own the NFT.

The unlockable can be used by the creator to include special content that may not be possible otherwise (e.g original HD image, video content, extra data etc).


If you choose the Montage to be unpackable, then the owner can choose to unpack it in the future. This means that the MurAll NFTs that were packed (sent to the Montage contract) will be sent to the current owner and the Montage NFT is burned.

If the Montage is not unpackable, the MurAll NFTs that it contains can never be owned by someone again and the Montage NFT is not burnable.

Do I need the PAINT token to create a Montage?

No, the PAINT token is reserved for creating MurAll NFTs. You only need to pay the gas fee on minting a Montage.

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